Review: "Regal Club" Album by St. Louis Rap Duo Regal Club

Regal Club album.jpg

Regal Club is a Hip-Hop duo based out of St. Louis, including J. Cruz and Alvo. Regal Club specializes in making music that is lyrical and hard hitting. The duo recently released their debut album which is self titled.

I need to first start by saying that it’s dope to see that hip-hop groups/duos still exist. It seems to me that it’s much harder to find duos in rap nowadays.

Unique is the first word that comes to mind when I listen to this project. The duo has a unique sound both vocally and production-wise. Voice wise, both members have very unique and captivating voices. This makes for believable verses and catchy hooks (think of the Migos but more lyrical). As far as production goes, the album was executive produced by Alvo and he deserves props for making intricate, hard hitting and catchy beats.

I'm not sure how long these two have been working together, but it sounds as though they’ve built up chemistry over several years. It feels as if the two are brothers who have been making music together since they were kids.

Aside from their voices, the thing I enjoy the most about these two is their lyrical ability. Their verses stand out amongst the sea of mumble rappers that have taken over the game. It’s like a breath of fresh air. They enunciate well and they really sell what it is that they’re spitting.

One song that really caught my ear was “Money Showers”. The beat is simple but it hits extremely hard. The hook is repetitive but in a catchy way. The rapping is intricate as they utilize a myriad of cadences and flows.

The track with my favorite production is “Turn Over”. The beat is very spacey and ominous. It creates a very spooky yet calm vibe. It was perfect for the slow rapping that went over it.

My personal favorite track as a whole is “Underworld”. The beat loop is extremely catchy and the duo raps with loud, commanding voices. Once again, they really sell what it is that they are rapping. “All this money in my pocket, I’m just tryna see what’s poppin!”

Overall, this album’s unique production and lyricism makes it a great listen. Alvo and J. Cruz’ chemistry, unique voices and convincing rapping makes it all the more enjoyable.

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