Review: "Songs For You" EP by Chris McGinnis

Songs For You EP.jpg

Chris McGinnis is a singer-songwriter out of Boone, North Carolina. McGinnis spent several years during his time as a student at Appalachian State University, writing and recording songs. He has now released his five track, debut EP, “Songs For You”, which features Jack Marion of the Pearl Snap Prophets, Jacob Davis Martin and production from Cory Halterman.

This 21 minute long project is a quick introduction to McGinnis’ sound. It is very obvious that he puts a lot of time and effort into each individual song, from writing, to recording the vocals and instruments, to mixing and mastering.

The project’s instrumentation and production is extremely well done. As a music lover, I always appreciate the sound of a real guitar and drum kit. Every song is mixed well as the vocals are extremely clear over top of the instruments.

McGinnis has an extremely unique voice. His singing is beautiful and captivating. That along with his lyrics truly pull the listener into the song. Every song is full of emotion and meaning which is also something that is lacking in a lot of today’s music.

My personal favorite is track 2, titled “Music”. It’s an up beat, “boom-tap” song that is very “square-danceable” (I just made this word up, but you get the point).

The only real thing I have to say about this project is that I wish it was longer. I know it is just an EP, but I wish there were two or three more songs to enjoy. If this is the quality McGinnis gives on an EP, I’m very excited to hear what his full album will sound like.

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