Review: "Today" Album by Elliot Bless

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We don’t focus on yesterday. We don’t dream about tomorrow.

WE LIVE FOR TODAY - Elliot Bless

Elliot Bless is a trumpeter turned rapper from Queens, New York who has an extremely unique sound. His music fits into multiple categories as it’s upbeat, bright/lively and full of lyricism. Elliot’s recent release, “Today”, is a project filled with danceable beats, wavy hooks and complex bars. 

Elliot has a voice which compares nicely to the rapper G-Eazy, however, Elliot’s rap cadences are much more intricate, and his topics are broader. The project touches on topics such as women and love, optimism and religion as Elliot speaks on some of his own life experiences. This deep subject matter, combined with his fast-paced flow, shows that Elliot is a true emcee. (It’s hard to find them nowadays)

 While Elliot’s rapping, as well as the excellent production, are the highlights of the project, he also did a good job with his feature selections. Artists Lovel and Lami use their voices to add melodies in three of the songs: “Not Today Satan”, “I Promise” and “Foreign”. Their voices added to Elliot’s made for some excellent hooks. 

“Today” is an above average project and Elliot has proved that he should be taken seriously as an artist. In a time where rap is starting to decline lyrically, Elliot has found a way to make songs that will not only appeal to the mainstream but will also intrigue true Hip-Hop heads.

“Today” can be streamed on Soundcloud below, Spotify and Apple Music and can also be found on Elliot’s website