Rising Toronto Based Pop Artist Lo Lo Releases Her Debut EP "Sweater Collection"

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Lo Lo, born and raised in Toronto, draws much of her inspiration from the city’s rich culture and unique voices, while her urban lifestyle has inspired songs that cover heartbreak, adventure and mystery. She is relatable and accessible to today’s most relevant pop stars.

This talented artist has just released her debut EP entitled "Sweater Collection", a project that is filled with masterfully crafted pop hits that stay with you after first listen. In her own words about the new release, Lo Lo says,

"The Sweater Collection EP is the first body of work that I’ve put out into the world. It’s an honest reflection of the last couple years of my life—the highs and lows of being young, dumb, & in love. I want anyone who listens to be able to play it from start to finish and actually hear a story. I was in love, I got my heart broken, I found out what it was like to get high and kiss strangers while looking for lost love. I didn’t sleep enough, I drank a little too much, and I racked up a collection of sweaters that weren’t exactly mine to begin with. Instead of actually dealing with any of this like a normal person, I wrote some songs about it all. These songs were mine, but now they’re yours.

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Check out Lo Lo’s great new debut EP right now and be sure to connect with her on Twitter and IG.

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