Stream "Think Big : Like Me", the New Album by Jazz/Alternative Singer-Songwriter Lucinda Belle

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Lucinda Belle is an artist and pioneer in writing music, multi-genre composition, and interactive performance. She has recorded two major albums, been nominated for an Oscar, and performed on almost every continent.

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Lucinda’s music will transport you to a seductive and anachronistic world where jazz, soul, gypsy jazz, blues, and reggae meld together creating her unique eclectic sound.

In the ever changing industry of music, as an artist, musician, entrepreneur she picked up the skills to distribute, market, record, and sell, as a creative person. She understands the relationship between creativity and personal identity, and has taught courses in songwriting, vocals and artistic expression to students in elementary school and University.

Lucinda has just released her album entitled "Think Big : Like Me" which reaffirms her revised perspective of what can be done with the harp. In her own words about the new project, Lucinda says,

"My inspiration for this album was a 'sound 'I discovered though ToeRag Studios which came about through recording the whole thing in a 50's analogue studio. We went old school, we mastered our work in rehearsal and recorded it on old 50' mics, mixers, desks, amps and springs. The Result of which is a warmth that cannot be recreated digitally. I'm very proud of this... oh and did I forget to mention.. it was a break up album!!! I'll be Loving you was my first song on the album,... I wrote it still crying from the break up... and I put 'Don't Go Chasing Your Heart' at the end of the album to represent the transition and realisation I'd been through, throughout the process. There's something here for everyone I hope!"

Listen to "Think Big : Like Me" right now and be sure to connect with Lucinda on her website and social media.

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