5 Tips For How to Get a Music Blogger’s Attention

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So you’ve made your music and now you’re ready to release it into the world. Scary right? The hard part is done, but the even more difficult task is yet to come. I see so often great music being lost into editor’s blogs because of the way that they approach them. Some artists’ simply just add a link, no hello, no how are you, no bio, nothing. Building a relationship and having a press kit are just a few things that will ensure that your music will at least be listened to. Having seen so many submissions over my years, I thought I’d share some key points on what you should be doing as an artist to get into blogs. 

1. Build a relationship

Editors receive emails every single day, depending on how big the media is it could be up to hundreds a day that they have to go through. To ensure that your submission can be considered you will need to build a relationship with them. At least add one question to the email that you intend to send them, ask them how they are and do a little research on the editor. If they just attended a music festival, ask how it was, or perhaps ask them about their favourite food. It’s random, but it will get their attention and probably make them laugh a little. Be genuine, but remember to never be fake and over-do it. They don’t want someone to kiss their butt. 


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