Why I Love DJ Khaled's "I Love You So Much"

DJ Khaled, Grateful

Most people would guess that I love the Grateful cut “I Love You so Much” because it features Chance The Rapper, but they’d be wrong. I love the song because its message is that of love and how impactful it can be. More specifically, DJ Khaled and Chano focus on expressing their love for their children and other loved ones. Expressing love, belief, and appreciation in or of your children is important. Because most children who grow up in spaces that foster such expression have better relationships with their parents, possess self-confidence, and learn how to express their own appreciation. And the children who don’t grow up in an environment like that usually get a handle on these things later on in life, get this expression from somebody else like a teacher or role model, or choose to live a life of opposite to what was originally shown to them.
The song also serves as a mainstream reminder to us (especially men) that it feels good--exhilarating even--to show love. Khaled and Chance sound like they’re over the moon with excitement and gratitude on this one and the instrumental matches their energy perfectly. The drums, backing vocals, and all the other elements make “I Love You so Much” feel like quite a celebration.
They even make their own version of the alphabet song! Listen to DJ Khaled and Chance The Rapper’s “I Love You so Much” below, it may very well be their “Isn’t She Lovely.”