Edidion - Power

Edidion is a singer-songwriter who is heavily influenced by Michael Jackson. He just released his new track 'Power', which is produced by Turreekk and is about a person who no longer gives negative emotions the power to control how they view themselves and life in general. For more motivation, check out the lyrics below and for more about Edidion, read our exclusive interview with him at DOPE Features.


Intro: Got my friends, they're rollin' wit me.

Verse 1: 
They say the heart will mend again
It’s so hard to begin again
I buried my head in the sand
Lord help me find, myself again.

I thought that love was precious, but I guess I learnt my lesson
The one you give your heart to may hurt and desert you
Gotta get back in the game, learn to love again
Hold your head up high, Hit the club tonight.

Tonight, all the broken hearts out there will start healin’
Celebrate your victory cause now you’re winnin’
The party’s over when you say it’s over
This is the moment you take back the power

Take back the power now (Take it back)

Verse 2:
I ‘m in the club, I see this girl
She’s finer than, a diamond gem
Alluring eyes, I’m mesmerized
Her persuasion is dangerous.


It’s funny how we don’t know what we have until it’s gone, I’m the one that got away but I’ll be movin’ on
I got my friends and I’m alright. And I’m gonna dance all night. 
Got my friends, they're rollin' wit' me