Chicago's House of Whales Prove Themselves Indie Hip-Hop Innovators on "Colors"

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The inimitable hip-hop trio House of Whales are back with their first new music since 2014's breakout House of Whales LP. The release garnered them praise from outlets like Afro Punk, Metro Active, Pop 'stache and more, and illuminated them as some of Chicago's freshest innovators.

Breaking up the time between records, the group have returned with a song that distills summer in Chicago. "Colors" see's the band channeling their energy into a bright, almost psychedelic haze of stacked flows and effected keys. Lyrically, "Colors" see's the trio flipping the national conversation concerning Chicago on it's head, focusing on the cities beauty rather than it's pain. It's inherently political, and an act of deviance in itself.

MC/vocalist Rico Sisney’s rapid fire lyrics and drummer/producer Aunnoy Badruzzaman’s rhythmic composition are great accompaniment to the electronic house beats of DJ/producer Danny “Vtron” Varela. Together, the trio fuse electronic music and hip-hop to create vibey, heart-pumping, feel good music that moves you.

House of Whales released their new single “Colors” on June 21st, 2018. As a tribute to summer time in Chicago, the single incorporates some of the city’s hardest working artists and musicians. Featuring MC Show You Suck and Horn Bread (Sidewalk Chalk’s Horn Section) with artwork by Jake Castro, “Colors” sets the mood to dance through the summer nights.

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