DOPEST Song of the Week: "Bath Magic" by Goldë

Golde music.jpg

Our new DOPEST Song of the Week selection is the personal, haunting, and honest, "Bath Magic," the latest single from Los Angeles-based artist, Goldë. This new release is an exploration of the messy, daunting, beautiful, interconnected, and often lengthy journey that is the road to self-love. Its lyrics are tender, but pointed, its music spacious and deep. It is about standing boldly in who we are, and finding a way to love ourselves that is both unconditional and unapologetic, in a society that tells us we shouldn’t. It speaks to self-love as an act of resistance.

Goldë wrote, produced, engineered, and performed this track, largely from her bathtub. She hopes her listeners are reminded of how beautiful, strong, and magical they are, each time they put it on.

Listen to “Bath Magic”, our DOPEST Song of the Week, right now and be sure to connect with Goldë on her social media!

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