Jazz/Pop Songwriter Kat Holland Reveals All on Her New Single "The One"

Kat Holland music.jpeg

At the beginning of 2018, Holland recorded her new EP in the famed Village Studios in Los Angeles. Since then, she has been busy gigging, composing, and working with her band in Charlotte. Holland draws from many musical influences that include Norah Jones, Adele, and Maroon 5.

Holland has always been a lover of all things music, recalling many fond memories of singing along and dancing to The Beatles with her father and Sarah McLachlan with her mother. “The One” is dedicated to not just her five-year relationship, but the heartache and anxiety that she experienced when they encountered a period of time when they had to live apart from each other. The EP title, “Retrovision”, calls to mind looking back, reminiscing about the past and longing for something in the present or future. Holland was inspired and wrote most of the EP’s songs during this period.

Listen to “The One” from Kat Holland right now and connect with her on social media and check out her website.

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