Carmel Paradise - Turn Me On

Carmel Paradise is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. After spending most of her childhood in Eastern Europe, she and her family relocated to Nashville in order to pursue a career in music. She has experimented with various genres, was featured on a song with the European pop singer Celeste Buckingham, at age fifteen, and was the front woman of a Nashville-based punk rock band, The House United, at sixteen. 

Her music plays on the border of electronic and alternative music, with lyrics betraying emotions reminiscent of classic rock. It's a new and fresh sound, with hip-hop undertones and beats, catchy pop melodies, and strong power and feeling behind the vocals. The first taste of this new release is the fiery new single “Turn Me On.” Don’t let her age fool you, Carmel is as confident and wise as anyone when it comes to knowing what she wants, and how she wants to get it, and “Turn Me On” is the kind of video that leaves listeners with just a little less breath and a little more blood flowing.

“Turn Me On” is a vibrant, seductive video that plays with lighting, speed, and overlays to create a spacious, airy clip that tickles all the right senses. 

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