Ian Hendrix Drops the Animated "Dispirited", Which is Episode #3 of His Video Series, Featuring Katie Shorey

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New music is released every day, but seldom is there a fresh, new album filled with such passion and unique sounds. And seldom does it come from a Marine veteran, who served his country and now serves his listeners with music from the heart and soul of the man he has become.

Music maker Ian Hendrix’s third single, “Dispirited” has recently been released, and its visual, episode #3 of the video series, is available for you to enjoy right now.

The song itself was produced at Del Oro Music Studios by producer Ian Hendrix and Robert Eibach, who has produced a wealth of Grammy award nominees and winners and Billboard charting artists.

Eibach speaks highly of Hendrix’s musicianship, as well as his passion for and dedication to his music. “I feel like we collaborate well together in the studio,” Eibach says. Eibach has worked with Hendrix on a few projects in the past and when Hendrix recently brought him a few new songs, Eibach says: “I already had a good idea where he was trying to go with the production. Since I have known him, he always strives to put out the best product.

“Dispirited” is one of the songs Hendrix began writing when we got out of the Marine Corps. As well as songs the artist feels flowed from his soul in recent times.

His work is filled with electronic and au naturale music and sounds that stimulate the senses and appeal to the soul. “My music is very introspective, poetry, if you will,” Hendrix says. But, there’s nothing fluffy or flowery in his tense, tumultuous and sometimes-tender lyrics and beats.

“Dispirited,” is a tidal wave of emotion featuring the very talented Katie Shorey, whose vocals add a passionate vibe throughout. His passion flows out through his music and alternately shares his own laughter and tears.

To experience the music of “Hendrix”, watch “Dispirited” below and check out more on his website. Also, be sure to connect with Hendrix on his social media.

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