Chicago rap artist Goody releases his debut project, 21 (To Anyone)

After releasing his debut single "All I Know" in 2014, the Chicago native received an unexpected barrage of support from platforms such as Fake Shore Drive, DJ Booth, and The Chicago Reader (just to name a few). He followed that up with singles such as "Shawty Swing," and "Down For It," which have both amassed over 4,000 plays each on Soundcloud. Realizing there was a demand for his music, Goody locked in with child-hood friend, and go to producer 1stFrom92, to create his debut project.

The album title 21 (To Anyone), is a double entendre. The number 21 comes from the fact Goody was 21-years-old when he started the project, and also because it's a blessing to reach the age 21 in a place like Chicago, where a lot of people don't even make it out their teens. The title To Anyone, is derived from the music itself. The music is very relatable, it's very personal, and emotional. It's almost as if Goody is giving you a window seat into the life of young black male, growing up in the streets of Chicago.

Production is provided by fellow Chicago based producers 1stFrom92, Big Steve Beatz, and Prolyfic (credits: Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown & more).

"Inspired by the introspective lyricism of 90's hip-hop, and R&B, Goody is prepared to lead the resurgence of quality hip-hop music with a message."

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