RnB/Soul artist Marc Anthony Figueras released new EP "How Things Have Changed"

Marc Anthony Figueras is a Clayton, NC based RnB/Soul singer-songwriter who just released an incredible five-song EP entitled "How Things Have Changed". This EP is a follow-up to Marc's last project "Blue" which he released in the spring of last year. In regards to who the EP is dedicated to and what it represents, Marc says:

"Around last August, an old friend of mine passed away in a car wreck. He was an incredible piano player and singer. Very sick gospel style of playing. He was definitely a big influence on my decision to continue pursuing my passion, no matter how discouraged I became. When he passed, it was completely out of nowhere, and it devastated me. Around the same time, my oldest brother was getting ready to get married, and one of my uncles was getting ready to have a baby.

I remember stopping and thinking about the past few years, specifically since I finished up high school. The last two years, compared to the previous nineteen or so, have felt like an eternity. I've never had so much happen to me in such a short amount of time.

Life moves in the strangest ways, but it always moves forward. I wanted this EP to be a reminder to never take anything we have for granted, and to always seek the beautiful things in life. 

Dedicated to a good friend who moved on too soon.
Sometimes things change before we're ready for it."


Listen to the "How Things Have Changed" EP and then download it using the link below. Also, come out to see Marc Anthony Figueras tear up the stage on Saturday, May 7th at our DOPECAUSEWESAID.com Day Party which is in conjunction with the Art of Cool Festival in downtown Durham. The party will take place at Bull McCabes Irish Pub and starts at 1:30. 


Download "How Things Have Changed" by Marc Anthony Figueras: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/how-things-have-changed-ep/id1095990799