Interview: Charles Mission Talks About His New Single "Peep Shit" and Upcoming EP "CHARLES MISSION: CBBCOD"

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We connected with rap artist Charles Mission for an exclusive interview to discuss his new single “Peep Shit”, as well as how he stands apart as a native of Queens, where so many legendary rappers have emerged, to create his own musical legacy, and much more.

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You come from a borough that has bred so many legendary rap artists throughout the years. Which Queens rappers have inspired you? Also, how do you stand apart from them to create your own musical legacy?

Definitely, I have. It it does play a part in my music. One Queens rapper that has inspired me is 50 Cent. Honestly doing my own homework and hearing about his hustle with his music, pushes me. He put himself in a position to make the fellow players in his operation bosses themselves. I have mad love for everyone who supports me, so putting people in better positions isn’t an issue to me. Teamwork makes the dream work!

The way that I stand apart though is cause my purpose for making my music is my brother Cody (RIP). I know if he were here, he would be my biggest supporter and he wouldn’t allow me to quit when I’m making progress with what I’m doing. So where my music comes from is a solid place that only Charles Mission can canvas for you.

Congratulations on the release of your new single "Peep Shit". You touch on the topic of having to watch those closest to you because of the potential for betrayal. What motivated you to write the song?

Well I wouldn’t say that it’s the closest to you that will betray you, but you just can’t be oblivious to the obvious signs of hate and envy that people harbor for you. I let my loyalty sort of blind me to the signs. But what motivated me to write the song was the sample by @shilohdynasty (RIP) that my producer ShaSclizzy used when making the beat. I listened to what he was saying and really sat back and related to them. Learning the business side of this industry was making enemies out of childhood friends. Once I peeped how serious it was, I separated myself and continued to do me. And “Peep Shit” helped me sort of get things off my chest.

How did you connect with ShaSclizzy, the producer of the song? Also, did you have the song idea already in mind before you heard the instrumental?

Wow, hearing the story on how I connected with my producer today is still quite funny to me. It was summer 17, and I had got a random message from some kid saying that he makes beats on Soundcloud. I didn’t pay it no mind. About a month or so passes and I just released the official video to my single “Watch Me Do Me” on YouTube, and I was sending the link to a few of my active followers on Soundcloud. He happened to be one of them. As soon as he watched the video, he messages me back saying that his cousin is in my video. So we identified who’s who and we just connected over the internet. I just recently started to see my producer on a regular basis. He’s only like 17 years old. As far as having the song idea already in mind, no I didn’t. It literally all came to me as I went.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP "CHARLES MISSION: CBBCOD"? Will there be any featured artists how many tracks will be included?

My upcoming EP is gonna be the type of music my fans can expect me to constantly put out. It’s my unique sound. The EP will have 9 tracks on it, with 3 featured artist on it. They’re all up and coming but really dope. Young Surf is on track number three called “Pop Out”. Very stoner vibe kind of sound to it. Then, my brother Lil Lokx is on track number five. That song is called “Movin Too Fast”. And the last feature on the project is my family, Codean. He’s on track number nine called “Kobe Durant”. I made that song right before I released the project, so it’s very current and you will hear just current things in my life.

What are some of your goals musically for 2019?

I have a lot of musical goals I won’t lie, so I’ll only tell you my top three goals to achieve this year. Last year wasn’t so good for me but I still finished it off great. My biggest goal for this year would be to start my own label. Still working out a few parts but CBBCOD ENT. It should be up and running 2020.

My second biggest goal for this year would be to get some collaborations done with some major artist.

My last major goal for this year is to raise my worth as an artist. I use Google so much that I find all sorts of agencies and companies for indie artists such as myself. All I will say is if your an artist, go on and you will understand why I want to raise my worth as an artist.

These are all long-term goals that I have literally started working towards already. This is gonna be a blessed year for me and my team.

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