Interview: Dayton, OH Rapper Coolie TOOMUCH Talks About His New Album "1992"

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Shout out to Dayton, OH rapper Coolie TOOMUCH who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his DOPE new album “1992”. Not just that, we also talk about the hip-hop music scene in Dayton, Coolie’s time in a rap group and how the experience has made him a better solo artist, his musical goals for this year, and much more.

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Tell us about your new album "1992". Who were the producers involved and how long did it take for the whole project to be completed?

"1992" is my first full length solo project. It's a compilation of my thoughts and actions as well as my reactions to the actions of those around me. The producers i worked with on this album were my brothers Leo and MaKKiah, my homie Jeri and LexiBanks. I also featured Robie1000 as well as Frizz. This album was released in early December and it took me about 2 years to complete this album because in 2017 I chose to go in a different direction and include all original production and I chose to mix the songs myself even though I haven't perfected engineering yet.

Were there songs that you recorded but did not make the final cut? If so, do you plan on releasing them at some point?

I released a mixtape called "Practice" on Soundcloud with all of the songs that didn't make this project.

Describe the hip-hop music scene in Dayton, OH. Are locals generally supportive of the talent coming out of the city, like yourself?

It's hella dope artists from Dayton but only few are supportive of other artists coming out of the city.

What would you say that your experience being in a group taught you about being a solo artist?

Being in a group taught me how to be humble and the importance of collaboration with other artists and being open to new ideas. I also believe that my focus on my craft in music and in life can be accredited to my early career in a group.

What are some of your musical goals for 2019?

For 2019 I plan to shoot more videos for some of the songs on this project. I also want to dive into more producing of my own beats and work on my craft all around as an artist.

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