Interview: Dublin Based Pop Singer-Songwriter Nissu Talks About His New Single/Video "Forever Mine"

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Nissu is a Dublin-based singer and songwriter, originally from Brazil who recently released the remix to his debut single "Forever Mine". The song has been followed by a new music video which features couples’ pictures from all over the world disregarding sexuality, gender, nation, etc. The couples were chosen personally by Nissu because their relationship inspired this new project; still carrying the same equality love message as the first version.

We connected with Nissu for an exclusive interview to discuss why the “Forever Mine” remix single/video is so important for him to share, find out who are some artists that have influenced his creativity throughout the years, and much more.

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How long have you been writing music and singing? Also, who are some of your favorite artists that have inspired your creativity throughout the years?

I've been singing since I was very young and always wanted to get involved in everything that was related to music. I remember writting few songs when I was 8 years old, but as a teenager I start really focusing on writing. Someone that I really love is Katy Perry, and I think she is brilliant. She inspires me as a creative artist and as a songwriter as well, but I've been inspired by so many artists since I was young till this day.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

It's very hard to describe in only three words, as every song it is about a different story, that either inspired me or events that I went through. Three words that would pop into my mind in that regard would be: meaningful, uplifting and experiences.

Tell us about your song "Forever Mine", which was originally released in 2012. Why did you decide to release a remix to it?

I felt so happy how everything went and to tell the story which inspired the song. The "remix" which I would prefer to call as a re-edition of that song, came because I wanted to make the message bigger and give it a new modern sound which is very close to the kind of music I love and who I really am as an artist.

What initially inspired you to write "Forever Mine" and why is its message important for you to share?

I wrote Forever Mine with my friend Ma Viana, inspired by a real couple which were part of the first video and besides telling their story, it was a way to fight for equality and marriage equality in Brazil back in 2012. The message behind the song and the video is Love and I think it is important to remind people that love is love and even if anyone has an opinion or says something about your relationship, loving each other and happiness is what really matters.

What can you tell us about the newly released music video for "Forever Mine"?

I created the concept for it when the new version of the song was still being produced. I personally researched and chose couples from all over the world including vloggers, bloggers, Ru Paul's drag race queens, people who had their story and love shared on the internet and many more. The idea is to show the most diverse and inspirational couples as possible and to bring the person who is watching through the same journey I went looking for the couples and for love and sharing it with the world. I'm so thankful for everyone who were very receptive when accepting being part of this project and for the stunning work of the director John Christopher and the guys from Tick Tock Films who helped to bring my vision and my dreams to reality.