Sunbathers Announces "A Heat Wave" EP Out This Friday, Shares Explosive New Single "Bare"

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Baltimore-based indie pop rockers Sunbathers will release A Heat Wave this Friday, March 8 - the first installment in a pair of EPs out in 2019. Ahead of A Heat Wave’s release, the band debuts danceable single “Bare”, a mesmerizing proclamation of love and lust.

You wanna swallow me like air, Spit me out, Leave me bare.

One of the first songs the band wrote together, “Bare” is a bass-driven, groovy tune, with hushed but propelling verses that develop dynamically into explosive wails. Written as a companion piece, the end of "Bare" seamlessly transitions into the next EP track "Intimacy". The two were written as a pair to inform one another, both musically and lyrically. Whereas "Bare" shows brazen confidence, "Intimacy" tackles vulnerability head-on, ending as a lament screamed into the void.

A Heat Wave is the formal introduction to Sunbathers' sound and identity - a culmination of songs from their first chapter as a band. From unrelenting guitars to airy, yet tightly-coiled synth bops, all of the tracks on A Heat Wave are complementary both sonically and thematically. The lyrical content explores desire from various perspectives, placed into the context of digestible and danceable indie-pop melodies.

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The EP boasts both new and reimagined tracks, including early singles "Honeysuk" and "Intimacy" - the videos for which have risen to popularity on YouTube, and have received accolades from Huffington Post, Northern Transmissions, PopMatters, and more. Spinnin' Records artist Curtis Alto released a remix of "Intimacy" which has garnered a million views on YouTube and over a million streams across Spotify and Apple Music. To distill these songs into their final forms, the band - lead vocalist Sean Lynott, drummer Shohsei Oda, and guitarists Tim Boaté and Pete Mindnich - wrote and recorded new parts at Baltimore's Dreamcatcher Studio, thoroughly delving into the production process, channeling their vast array of influences and honing their songwriting.

"Sugar" closes the EP by detailing a deep yearning despite one's better judgment. The song rises and falls like a pattern of breathing, baring different production elements at those peaks and valleys. The middle-eight gives listeners a lush saxophone solo, performed by a good friend of the band, and showcases the band's affinity for musical diversity - wrapping up vintage synths, modern production, and organic instrumentation into a cohesive package.

Following A Heat Wave, Sunbathers will release a second EP this summer - an experimental collection of tracks that further explores the band’s range of sound, featuring electronic and ambient soundscapes, heavier synths, hybrid drums, and varied vocal effects. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements on the horizon.

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