Interview: Nairobi, Kenya Based Artist, Producer and Songwriter Naiboi

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Formally known as Rapdamu, Naiboi is a Nairobi, Kenya based artist, producer, songwriter who makes dropping hit songs and videos look easy. We connected with Naiboi for an exclusive interview to discuss what inspires him to continue creating DOPE music, his goals for the spring and summer, we find out why streaming platforms like Boomplay are essential for music discovery and promotion, and we learn which local and international artists have influenced him.

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Congratulations to you on your success thus far. What are some things that inspire you to create dope music?

The current and normal life experiences that we face on a day to day basis.

When did you know that you wanted to be an artist and who have been some Kenyan or international artists that motivated you to take the craft seriously?

I knew that i wanted to be an artist at a very tender age.

E-Sir influenced me locally, while R-Kelly and Michael Jackson internationally.

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Tell us about the music scene and music industry in Kenya for artists such as yourself. Why are platforms like Boomplay so important for music discovery and promotion, not just in Kenya but internationally?

The Kenyan music scene is on an elevation mode and more and more Kenyans are slowly appreciating our craft.

Platforms such as Boomplay enable us to share and distribute our music to both our fan base and new listeners who end up discovering us through such services.

What are some of your goals musically for this spring and summer?

Some of my major goals are to spread my music beyond the Kenyan market, to Africa and the world.

Also, drop my album and share a Naiboi live performance experience in my upcoming tour in Kenya and the world at large.

Which one song or video from your catalog do you think would be the best introduction to you as an artist for a new audience?


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