Interview: EL Dirty AC Talks About His New Video "Stick It N' Leave" and the Hip-Hop Music Scene in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis’s finest, EL Dirty AC, connected with DCWS for an exclusive interview to talk about his new video “Stick It N’ Leave”, his upcoming EP "Ridin' Dirty", the Hip-Hop music scene in the city and much more.

After reading our Q&A with EL Dirty AC, be sure to connect with him on the High Class Player's Club website and via social media. Also, check out his album from last year, “Dirty Talk”.

Salute to you on the release of your new video "Stick It N' Leave"; it was a dope visual for an already great track. Tell us about how the track itself came about; what inspired you to write it and who produced it?

Right on, the beat was actually sent to me randomly by Henke and I was in a writer’s block after dropping my album so it just hit me like "boom, I'm back." If the cadence doesn't hit me instantly I wont even make the song but it wasn't even gonna be called “Stick It N Leave”. I just kept saying "these bitches on me, that clip is on me" over and over until i came up with the other phrases around it and made it make sense. Since I'm saying i hit it and quit it while saying i'll buss the clip and dip. I came up with "Stick It N' Leave."

I also decided to push this track because I've been told that quite a few local curators and bloggers don't wanna put me on their platforms or shows because of my misogyny on social media and my music and I'll show these people that sex sells by putting a big booty dancer in my video while I’m rapping about fucking hahaha.

Who was the leading lady in the video and how did you connect with her?

Her name on Instagram is @KoKoTheFinesseKid; she's a cool young shorty and definitely worth the follow. Prior to the video I only knew her through IG, and i follow a lot of dancers but she's one of the few I noticed watch my stories, so I hit her up and said let’s work.

Tell us what we can expect from your upcoming EP "Ridin' Dirty" which is dropping on March 20th aka 4/20. How many tracks will be included and will there be any featured artists?

This EP will be a lil project from me just to show how I'm coming on my next album. I don’t want any features since i dropped a feature heavy album "Dirty Talk" several months ago, which a lot of people in my city called a classic. I was thinking 5-7 songs on it but I just want to make sure it sounds cohesive as I already have multiple songs recorded waiting to make the cut.

What are your thoughts about the Hip-Hop scene in Indianapolis? Is there a strong network or camaraderie among rappers in the city, and do the locals support the homegrown talent?

Well, I have different thoughts on my city than most and it might piss some off. I think our local hip-hop scene has amazing talent but only a few of us are making REAL waves outside or inside the city while everybody else just in the way over-saturating the scene with very hive-like mind-frame only supporting what the general public supports.

I love the camaraderie but I might be biased because I was always known growing up even before rap and since I'm considered popular I haven't had that many problems networking or getting what I want. We have BIG music festivals throughout the whole year that display so many talented musicians that we've had out of town headliners be out-shined by our local headliners. All we need is a media presence that'll connect us to the rest of the fans of the hip-hop world.

I've built my own following from the ground up by throwing my own shows since the local curators barely book me and I threw the biggest 4/20 festival any local ever threw last year (not my words), so I plan on continuing that momentum this year and making it a two day event.

We have a lot of collectives (which some don't like) but I'm apart of two, High Class Players Club and A-Team. HCPC is my own LLC and A-Team is a group of 5 of us all conveniently first named Aaron hahaha; it's random but it works since we're all poppin’ with our own fan bases and were already friends. You can look up Pope Adrian Bless "A Way" and EL Dirty AC "Figure It Out" to check out our A-Team songs.... I really think we're the best group out in anybody's city and i'm standing on that.

Tell us more about the High Class Player's Club.

HCPC is special to me, we started off as just a clique but I turned it into a business so it can live forever. It's fucked up but the friends i started High Class Players Club with are dead and gone now just fucking with haters in the streets, it hurts every time i think about it but their deaths are also my motivation to get on a more positive path to get out and become the businessman I'm supposed to be.

Finish this sentence for us, "When someone listens to "Ridin' Dirty" for the first time, they will..."

Feel what it’s like living like a player, getting money, doing whatever the fuck he wanna do in Naptown, Indiana.

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