Interview: Stimulus Discusses His Video "Django", the Hip-Hop Scene in Berlin and His TEDx Talk

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Stimulus is a versatile, Brooklyn-born, Berlin-based rapper who was discovered by Mark Ronson, who recorded and produced his first demo. Stimulus’s latest project, the “SOON” EP, features the track “Django”, for which he recently released a very DOPE video for, directed by Sebastian Bruné.

We connected with Stimulus for an exclusive interview to discuss the “Django” video, as well as the TEDx talk he gave last year. We also learn more about the Hip-Hop music scene in Berlin and Germany and Stimulus’s thoughts about what he feels has been his biggest accomplishment as an artist thus far.

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Congratulations on the release of your new video "Django". Of the five songs on your "SOON" EP, why did you select "Django" to create a video for?

I wanted to create a video for every song on the EP. Django is the latest. It is also the most conceptual.

How did you and director, Sebastian Bruné, come up with the treatment for the video?

One of the first times Sebastian came to see me DJ, he noticed that my desktop background was a Jeremy Geddes Cosmonaut piece. He really liked the image and said we should try to do a picture like that. We took a few pictures with the Cosmonaut theme in mind. We liked them so much, we decided to do a full video with the concept.

Tell us about the TEDx talk you conducted on Hip Hop and world culture. How did this opportunity comes about and can you see yourself doing another one in the future at some point?

The local TEDx team in Berlin asked me if I would speak, and I immediately jumped on the chance to check off a high priority box on my bucket list. They gave me 2 different subjects to choose from. I chose Hip-Hop & Culture because I felt it was something I could talk about in a way that other people living in Berlin could not.

I would love to do another TED talk in the future. I'm not sure what about, but there is always a lot to explore and share.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist thus far?

One of my mentors told me that success is the journey. He said if I only wanted awards, sales or fame and didn't enjoy the long road to those things, I wouldn't be fulfilled or successful. My biggest accomplishment is that I have never stopped my journey.

Following up on the last question, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

I would like to release the follow up EP to “SOON”. We have already begun recording it. I'd also like to release a live music project since that is where my musical roots are.

Describe the music scene in Berlin for Hip-Hop right now. Would you say that American Hip-Hop has any real influence on German rappers in 2019?

American Hip-Hop has a huge influence on the German scene. There are truly creative and innovative producers here who bring new elements to Hip-Hop production and artists who use the German language to innovate flows.

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