Interview: Los Angeles Based Rapper, Author, and Entrepreneur Flow 187

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We connected with Los Angeles based rapper, author and entrepreneur Flow 187 for an exclusive interview to discuss his single “Turnt Up”, his inspirational book “Falling isn’t Failing”, his cannabis brand “Potent Roots”, and much more.

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Salute to you for dropping such a dope track. What initially inspired you to write "Turnt Up" and how did you connect with Nicasso who provided the beat?

What inspired me to write "Turn't" Up was my lifestyle and the life of things going on around me. I connected with Nicasso through Twitter. I'm always looking for new producers to work with so after a tweet, I asked him to send me some beats and his beat was the one that caught my vision!

With "Turnt Up" now out, what are some of your goals musically this year?

Some of my goals musically this year include growing my fan base out of the country and continuing to make great music that reaches the Billboard charts consistently.

Tell us about how you ended up writing the book, "Falling Isn't Failing" and who you wrote it for specifically.

I wrote "Falling Isn't Failing” to help youth and young adults learn how to set and achieve goals, as well as how to turn obstacles to opportunities! I went through a lot growing up and I learned how to make those obstacles work in my best favor.

Where can all our California based readers find your cannabis brand "Potent Roots" when they are in Los Angeles?

You can find Potent Roots on all social media: Twitter @PotentRoots, FaceBook Potent Roots, and Instagram @PotentRoots_. On there we provided all info for delivery and pop up where Potent Roots is available and

Will "Turnt Up" be a featured track on an upcoming EP or album this year? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Yes "Turnt Up" is the single of my upcoming album. I'm not gonna release too much information but know to keep tuning in on my social media like Instagram and Twitter @Flow187official for updates and release info!

With so many talented rappers in Los Angeles making dope music, how do you stand apart from them as an artist and music brand?

How I stand apart as an artist or brand is that I do not sound like the next rapper. Also I'm the first rapper to produce a motivational book geared to helping youth & young adults overcome obstacles and goal setting when I was 19 years old. Plus, I have my own cannabis brand created to provide quality to my patients and members.

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