Interview: Moe Carter Talks About His New EP "Amethyst" and the Hip-Hop Scene in Hickory, NC

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Moe Carter is a talented rap artist and label executive on the rise, based in Hickory, NC, who we connected with for an exclusive interview to discuss his new EP “Amethyst”, as well as the standout single “Sourbunga”, and much more.

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Congratulations on the release of your "Amethyst" EP. Tell us about the development of the project in regards to how long it took to create, who handled the production, etc.

Thank you so much! After five long months of recording, mixing, and mastering, I am happy to bring you my new EP with the help of my engineer Ryan Canavaugh of Audio Lab Productions (North Carolina), my main producer Lilac Locoup in New Jersey, also with help from producers I discovered on YouTube such as Franky M, Benihana, and Gum$. I lost some loved ones and a job in the process unfortunately.

What does the EP title "Amethyst" signify?

“Amethyst” signifies me making my mark in music history as well as staying cool, calm, and collected between a rock and a hard place. Europeans and Greeks wore it in battle to protect their selves from danger, they even made drinking vessels out of it for ceremonies to protect them from intoxication. That's how my album resonates with the title it protects, heals, and provides valuable information for people today who tend to study suffer through everyday struggles. I'm just hoping the masses can take my hard work and learn a thing or two from it as well as brighten their day. Last but not least it represents the month my baby girl, Lyric was conceived as it is a February gemstone as well.

Can we expect a visual for the track "Sourbunga" which we recently featured on the site?

Yes I actually have a director's cut version for “Sourbunga” on YouTube at the moment; it's on my channel (MoeofSGMG). I will also be putting out visuals for a couple of the songs from the album really soon; trust me it's going to be lit! My camp and I are going over it as we speak. We are trying to display motion picture material and not the typical janky videos that you would get from an up-and-comer. Stay tuned; it's going to be epic.

When someone listens to "Sourbunga" or the EP for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

When people are listening to “Amethyst” I want them to step into that world with an open mind. Leave all your judgement, your guilt, pain, trials and tribulations at the door and truly enjoy the lyrics of every song as I spill my brain to you guys about real life situations. I hope someday to change a life and save a life with the jewels that I supply in my songs . Also, I would like people to accept the fact that Swede Genius Money Group (my label) is here to stay as a household name to give you quality music and genuine thoughts you can't get from most artists, especially mainstream.

Tell us about the rap scene where you are located now. Are the locals supportive of homegrown talent?

The rap scene where I'm located in Hickory, North Carolina is very dull. The locals don't support whatsoever; you have to have a big name to make someone pay attention to you out here. Unsigned artists rarely get any love and when they do, it's usually a shout out via social media to make their page look good and not the artist. People are very selfish and their taste in music is also very low quality and redundant. We never have shows or festivals or any standout talent. Most artists around here bite off off Atlanta rappers’ style and slang because it's the trend instead of being their self; it's lame to me. You got to go to Charlotte and Durham or Greensboro for a good scene in rap around these parts.

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