Interview: New Jersey Based Rap Artist Yxng Mango

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Our latest exclusive interview is with New Jersey based rap artist Yxng Mango who just dropped a very DOPE music video entitled "Look at Me". We connected with this talented emcee to find out how he came up with his name, the state of the music scene in his hometown, his goals for 2018 and much more.

Enjoy our Q&A with Yxng Mango and then follow him on his social media streams to stay up to date on what's next from this artist who's bound to blow in 2018.

What's the origin of your name "Yxng Mango"?

The origin Of Yxng Mango is trendy and straightforward.... Yung Man Go... Every time I'm contemplating something I think Man Go for it no time to waste your still young...Also make sure its fresh & unique like a mango not everyone likes mango's the same some like them super soft or a little on the firm side just gotta make sure there's something a little different in each song I make.

What part of New Jersey are you from and what's the scene like for music and emerging artists there?

The area that I'm from in New Jersey is the Shore Ocean County better known for Six Flags. The scene for music in my area for me is tough; its like being in an area where you can make something happen but if you aren't giving it 110% there's no way out everything MUST be new and next level. Gotta be focused and highly motivated cause its not a city area where the word spreads quickly but all the surrounding towns and mine make up a very powerful and unique music culture that I'm honored to be a part of.

Salute to you, the director and your team for dropping a very dope video for your track "Look at Me". Tell us a little bit about the track and how you ended up shooting visuals for it.

The idea for the song "Look at Me" wasn't intentionally gonna be made into a song that was going to be released as quick as it was... I actually had the song written for at least two months or more... it was more or less like a release song for myself just self expression but once it was fully recorded and mastered I had no choice too shoot a music video for it. I originally was gonna shoot a video for my "Super Soaker" track a few days after recording "Look at Me", but the feeling of this song just made me change up everything about what was planned...and we just got to it.

Describe your creative process for "Look at Me" and for your music in general. Do you write lyrics before deciding on an instrumental or after?

It usually depends when I write music, sometimes the instrumental will inspire me to paint a picture in my head just as I did for "Look at Me". Sometimes its just a straight through shot for a song and I'll find an instrumental later on and make it work if it fits. Other times I'll just write down certain things that sound good and flow nicely and I'll construct something out of pieces of a puzzle.

With 2017 being a wrap, what do you look forward to the most in 2018?

The close of 2017 and into the new year I cannot wait to bring all of my creative ideas to light in full effect along with the dope artists that I'm collaborating with. And most importantly SHOWS... The Ball's Rolling.

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