Flying Lotus's Magic 3D Tour - Our Favorite Flying Lotus Music Videos to Date


Creativity and innovation are two things that Flying Lotus has never been lacking in - that goes for his production, his collaborations and his videos. Apparently, his tours are no exception. For his latest tour, Flying Lotus is going to provide concert-goers with 3D glasses (brought to you by 3D Live) that force you to fully engage in the experience and stay present, instead of having our eyes glued to your phone. We think that’s an amazing way to unite a generation of social media isolated folks, and we wanted to pay tribute by showing you our fave Flying Lotus videos, which are just as immersive as his tours! Buy tickets for his tour now.


Until The Quiet Comes

This video isn’t just visually stunning, it invokes serious emotion and provides a poignant social commentary that makes you think for hours after. The visuals are straight up transcendent, and feature some truly beautiful dancers. 

Corunus, The Terminator

The haunting cinematography of this music video matches the beat - it carries a full story that feels genuine, rather than forced, as a lot of music video storytelling can. Flying Lotus himself watches a sick man dwindling in this sorrowful visual. 

Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar

This film by Hiro Murai for this Grammy-nominated track is honestly a masterpiece. And those kids dancing in the church deserve an award. This feels like a scene out of a Spike Lee movie, with an undertone that manages to be both somber and joyful. An amazing collab. 

Phantasm feat. Laura Darlington

This video was filmed over the course of two days, on an island in New Zealand, explaining the breathtaking natural landscape, and with vintage lenses, explaining that sepia-toned, romantic coloring. So trippy - but isn’t always the Flying Lotus way?

Zodiac Shit

Speaking of trippy…no wonder Adult Swim and Flying Lotus have a serious bromance. They’re heavy fans of his, and decided to collaborate on the visuals. People ponder on whether it’s zodiac inspired, or the result of a powerful trip. Either way, we’re grateful. 


This is one of the artist’s oldest videos, and it’s on some Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe shit that’s out of this world. The intergalactic, semi-animated visuals feature a lovely lady who happens to be ganja incarnate, Flying Lotus in a Native American headdress, and digital tipis.