Little Dragon's High Tour - Our Favorite Little Dragon Music Videos to Date

Little Dragon.jpg

You know that type of music that just nourishes your soul? Little Dragon manages to manifest that feeling in every one of their tracks, and their music videos are no different. The Swedish electro-soul/r&b group came out with a hypnotizing, percussion-rooted single called “high”, and are following it up with their first North American tour in two years. The tickets go on sale February 17, and to celebrate, we compiled a list of our favorite Little Dragon music videos (because they’re somehow as aesthetically creative as they are sonically.)

Strobe Light

Strobe Light’s video matches it’s strident beat. Using South Africa as her inspiration with beautiful voguing men in sombreros, pastel capes and septum rings, this is a fever dream that we never want to wake up from. Pure fashion and a thing of art. 

Peace Of Mind

This soulful hit came out less than a month ago, and the video is a moodily lit story of the song’s recording, in-studio, with Faith and Yukimi (the band’s front woman) pouring their hearts out into the mic. Raw, flawless  talent doesn’t need overly fancy talent sometimes. 


And of course, the highlight track of the year and the reason for Little Dragon’s kick-off tour! This mesmerizing single and video have us so hype for the rest o the album - we love the hazy harem/ayahuasca vibes.


This anthem is one of the best LD beats in our opinion. It’s more profound than effervescent, and we can easily say the same for the music video. A little girl goes through an intense journey only to realize that you can’t run from your demons. You will probably cry after making it through this vid. 


The vocals and strong, bouncy beat almost remind us of Pat Benatar, in the best way possible. And we love that the cam is mostly focused on Little Dragon’s gorgeous heroine Yukimi, and the band’s Scooby Doo van. One of their quirkier, more playful pieces - to cheer up from all their sad pensive music. 


The mountain landscape against the low afternoon sun fits the track “Sunshine” perfectly. Graceful tango dancers make some rogue appearances in the arid, dirt-filled surroundings. When will a nature vid ever be bad?