Meet Bad Gyal, The Future Reggaeton Queen Of Barcelona

Bad Gyal, reggaeton

When you think of reggaeton, you probably think of Daddy Yankee, or Wisin y Yandel. A staple in ratchet music that we all jammed out to in the early 2000’s at some point. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But there’s a new queen taking over and elevating it to trap-island-reggaeton, with her sexy, no-fucks slum swag and syrupy auto-tuned voice. Her Patois-infused Spanglish and slightly deep rap-drawl oozes with confidence - she’s sort of giving us Rihanna x Shakira energy. But she somehow goes harder than both of them, consistently talks about her ass and money, and we’re surprisingly digging it. 

That relentless Daddy Yankee beat makes us nostalgic, but her lyrical ease and style sounds fresh, and at the same time a timeless party beat. Her music videos are an intentionally careless DIY style, shooting her rapping and vibing out in public places around her hometown Barcelona in a baggy Adidas jumper. Every track is undeniably catchy with here production and vocals’ signature sauntering cadence.

Bad Gyal, reggaeton 2

The Barcelonian 20-year-old’s silky production is helped out by the likes of Dubbel Dutch and Paul Marmota, and her voice’s unique ability to sound both sweet and all thug-like at the same time is pretty impressive. She’s at the forefront of this “future reggaeton” movement of the present era, and we hope more artists start representing like Bad Gyal has through her tracks. 

Highlight tracks include:

"Mercadora" and "Jacaranda" are her main hits - "Mercadora" is Bad Gyal's “BBHMM”, if you will (aka, it’s about stacks) and "Jacaranda" is the perfect blend of Spanish beach and Caribbean island vibes, and pays homage to Jamaica, which is clearly a big influence on her music.

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