Review: Common’s “Black America Again”

Seems as if sparking conversations about the current societal issues regarding black culture has become a recurring theme in music right now. Post Solange’s album, A Seat At The Table, Common arrives on the music scene with his new album Black America Again. The album is a musical collective that embodies the well-known sentiment that Common is a “conscious rapper.” The album can be described as prolific due to the range of thought provoking lyrics and distinctive production that brings the message of the album to life. 

The title track, “Black America Again”, dives straight into the current plight that African Americans are faced with every day in America. Yet, the basic message conveyed in the song is equality for all. It is evident that the subject matter of the album is intended to conjure emotional discontent in the listener, but in a constructive way to ignite the revitalization of the culture. However, the album grants the listener a chance to channel their inner lover with songs like “Love Star” featuring the talented former Floetry songstress Marsha Ambrosius and “Unfamiliar” with Paris Jones better known as PJ gracing the hook with her undeniable voice. Both songs provide a vibrant feel that coerces you to sing along and groove. 

Common continues to display his eclectic range throughout the album with “Red Wine” featuring Syd from The Internet and Elena. The song soothes your ears as if it softly whispers to be hopeful and to take it easy. Rest assured, the lyrical content in no way falls short on the album. In fact, “Pyramids” gives off an ode to hip-hop feel with a reminiscent chorus that incites the memory of Old Daddy Bastard. Providing an euphonious break throughout the album are the strategically placed interludes. This is perhaps one of Common’s best albums and the musical direction of the album is quite refreshing. Black America Again will capture your attention from start to finish and our hope is that this review encouraged you to give it a listen.

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