Review: "Everything's For Sale" Album by Boogie

Boogie - Everything's For Sale review.jpg

Boogie hadn’t really reached my radar until I heard his feature on Royce Da 5’9”’s album “Book of Ryan”. His verse on the song “Dumb” had me looking forward to his solo release under Shady Records. Eight months after “Book of Ryan” and we have Boogie’s album, “Everythings for Sale”.

This album has many plusses that make it an above average project. To start, Boogie’s voice is unique. Listening to this album gave me a nice break from the cookie cutter autotune sound that has taken over the industry. His voice is similar to Chance the Rapper in that it is raspy; however, it is a bit deeper than Chance’s. He has one of those voices where when you hear it you automatically know it’s him.

The next plus is the length. The album is 13 songs and 39 minutes long. 8 of the songs are under 3 minutes which makes the album easily digestible and replayable. Most of the songs are short, sweet and concise which also adds to it’s digestibility.

Another positive of this album is that the features are well placed. JID provides his usual brand of wordy rap to the song “Soho” and Eminem’s verse on “Rainy Days” has caused a stir on social media. 6LACK adds his smooth vocals to “Skydive 2” and “Snoh Aalegra” adds beautiful singing to the outro “Time”.

The reason that Boogie’s verse on Royce’s album interested me so much was because it was lyrical bars being spit by such a unique voice. This album is full of verses that remind me of that one. Boogie shows off his rapping ability throughout the album but sounds like he’s actually having fun doing it unlike some angrier rappers. It’s a nice change of pace and a needed addition to the game.

I love the production on this album. Today’s rap is bombarded with trap drums and insanely fast high hats. Boogie’s album mixes many different sounds actually feels like a hip-hop album.

The only real negative thing I have to say about this album is that Boogie does a bit too much singing for someone who isn’t the best singer. Aside from the song “Skydive”, which is one of my favorite songs on the album, a lot of his singing heavy songs could use a different artist on the hook. However, this is more of a personal preference. Artists like Tyler the Creator and Chance The Rapper have been able to get away with not being the best singers.

Every song on this album is good but my personal favorites are “Skydive”, “Rainy Days” and “Lolsmh (Interlude)”. “Skydive” is a smooth song that makes you feel like you’re doing just what the title says. “Rainy Days” is a banger featuring one of the best rappers of all time: Eminem; and “Lolsmh” is a slow boom-bap/ambient song with a serious tone and message.

Overall this album is dope and it leaves me wanting to hear what Boogie’s career grows into. It looks like Shady Records picked up a good one.

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