Review: "The Company You Keep" EP by Oh Moses

The Company You Keep album.jpg

A stylish, sophisticated mixture of urbane folk and chamber pop, Oh Moses craft a brilliant beautiful series of odes with “The Company You Keep”. The lyrics have a natural poetry to them for Matthew Drew and Zach Breslin prove to be deft storytellers. Done with the greatest of care, they bring together so many different instruments while maintaining a light, bright and airy disposition. Melodically rich, Oh Moses prove to have just the right level of playfulness throughout the entirety of the EP. With each piece building off the last, the entire collection is best taken in as a singular whole.

Going for a smooth, subtle sound that at times recalls Grizzly Bear’s highly ornate arrangements with a hint of Ambulance LTD’s effortless cool, the whole of the journey simply stuns. Oh Moses truly knows how to listen to each other for they engage in rather gorgeous interplay. Usage of space proves to be of the utmost importance for they apply new layers of sound in such unexpected ways. With the element of surprise, they ensure that everything remains simply unknowable. Akin to a grand dream, Oh Moses ensure that nothing ever moves too quickly for they take their time exploring whole other universes with vibrant color.

Setting the tone of the collection is the title track and opener “The Company You Keep”. Going for an intimate approach, Oh Moses take their time letting the rhythm evolve in a low key, welcoming way. A shaggy dog demeanor rolls through making it the clear highlight of the entire collection.

The reflective nature of “Off” goes for an introspective, probing quality. Full of a tremendous amount of compassion the whole of the piece incorporates a bit of yearning into the proceedings.

Spry, jazz like drumming comes into the fray on the Sea and Cake referencing disposition of “Blind Love”. Neatly bringing everything to a close is the sly groove of “The Rest” where Oh Moses bring a bit of swagger into the mix, hinting at elements of funk.

Oh Moses creates a timeless, classic work, one that points towards indie rock and folk’s more thoughtful future with the tenderness of “The Company You Keep”.

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