The Emcees Represent at the 8th Female Cypher in "The 6ix"!

8th Female Cypher in the 6ix.JPG

The 6ix Female Cypher is now in it’s 8th cycle and it’s an exciting thing for not only women, but everyone in the Toronto Hip Hop scene. Everyone knows of the work that the OVO team has been doing and have probably heard of Alessia Cara, but who is the stand out female name in Hip Hop/Rap? There may not be a an ‘it-girl’ yet, but she is soon to come thanks to the help of Maizy F and her team. As a female artist trying to make a name and seek opportunities in a place like Toronto, it can actually be very difficult. Hip Hop is very much still a boys club here and when it comes to Urban music, most spotlight is given to women who are singing R&B songs about heartbreak. Not to discount from these women, but there are other things, other subjects that deserve to be given the same amount of attention - Maizy F’s 6ix female cypher does just that!

The 6ix Female Cypher is a key element to showcasing and providing a platform to different women who don’t always get a chance to shine. It’s empowering to see women who sing and rap about self confidence and love, but it’s a truly amazing experience to hear and see women deal with the nitty gritty that ain’t so pretty. Stories of abuse, poverty, money, trauma, dreams, the hustle, the struggle or even just about wanting to party need to heard because we can all relate - women are multifaceted beings, not a one-size-fits-all cap! Young girls and women need to be able to see themselves in the music that they listen to and allies need to hear women tell these stories not only to develop understanding and empathy, but because they’re dope! 

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This past cypher took place in a secret location in the city where everyone was able to vibe out, network and continue to build for the female rap scene. Drinks and food were a plenty and so was the positive energy. In society women are often pitted against each other and made to believe that only one can be successful while the rest grasp at straws, but that definitely was not the case at Maizy F’s event. All the guests involved (both male and female) were definitely here for the rise of female hip hop and it’s future.

Bigger and Better. Aspire To Inspire. Those Are A Few Of The Mottos I Live By. Organizing Round 8.0 I Knew I Had To Give The Artists & The Fans More. We've Had 8 Rounds And Have Featured Over 20 Artists And We Have So Much More To Come. I Know It's Important To Keep The Rounds Coming Because Females Need A Space To Come Together & Express Themselves Freely. Hip-Hop Is A Male Dominated Scene. As A Female Artist, Producer & Entrepreneur I've Made It Part Of My Duty To Put On For The Females In The Hip-Hop Community And I Believe The 6ix Female Cypher Series Does Exactly That.”

Maizy F