HundredMillionThousand - Yalda

HMT’s upcoming debut album, "lp1", is a musical mood journal, an audio log of the many facets of an ongoing journey with mental illness. It is a sonic coping mechanism, of persian/filipino producer Noel Jon, whose musical aesthetic revolves around suspenseful atmospheres, brooding pads, and aggressive percussion patterns.

HMT encapsulates his heritage into production through the use of Iranian vocalizing, key signatures, spiritual chants, and Tombak. At once shimmering, foreboding and intense, the album deals in deep textures and dark colours, a sonic landscape rising out of the cyclic nature of HMT’s journey through mental illness.

Here's "Yalda", one of the standout tracks on "lp1", which will be released on limited edition vinyl on April 8th. 

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