Miami Rock Outfit Lochness Monster Shine in New Single "Farewell Past"

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The Miami-based rock outfit, Lochness Monster, consisting of Bruce Donaldson (Singer), Justin Shaner (Guitar), Brad Eavenson (Bass), and Rene Rivera (Drums) incorporate elements of rock, shoegaze, punk, and alternative metal into their heartfelt sound. Last month, the band unveiled details of their forthcoming self-titled EP due out July 26th.

Off the release comes a passionate song,"Farewell Past," which is about exploring what it means to feel crippled by the past, to fight for love, and to overcome personal demons. The song is based off a quick conversation with a homeless drifter, who had just made his way from Maine to South Florida with nothing but a backpack and a determination to keep going forward. This song evolves to an exciting and uplifting chord progression with a driving bass melody that echoes the tonality and messaging behind the lyrics. Rivera developed a tribal drum pattern that pulses throughout, leaving the listener aching for more. This powerful song continues the theme surrounding the 4-track EP. The band conveys a more personal story behind their music that explores the recurring themes of hope and redemption.

The single followed their previous release, "Calling Out," a song about holding onto love and finding forgiveness. Its lyrics are about recognizing the trials and tribulations faced in a relationship of love and seeking redemption in each other. Taking a year to conceptualize, Donaldson adds,

"The songs that were chosen for this EP allowed us to find ourselves as a band, as individual musicians, and the direction we want to take our music. Each of us wants our music to have lyrics that people can connect with while remaining poetic and thoughtful, and to surround those lyrics with a powerful rock sound with lots of energy and dynamics. Musically we worked to create a sound that was familiar in some ways to our first album, Fables, while also evolving into a sound that was natural to all of the members of the band."

Listen to “Farewell Past” right now and stream the single on Spotify. Also, connect with Lochness Monster on their social media and be on the lookout for the forthcoming EP due out on July 26th.

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