Synthwave/Synthpop Artist Megan McDuffee Releases Her Sultry New Single "Thief"

Megan McDuffee music.jpg

Back on DCWS is recording artist and video game composer Megan McDuffee with her sultry new single, “Thief”. Megan’s latest release follows her incredible project “Hostile Takeover” (listen HERE), which we featured this past winter and we’re very excited for you to hear the synthwave/synthpop infused “Thief”. In Megan’s own words about the single, she says,

"Thief" was written two years ago, and I FINALLY redid the vocals and mix/master. The result is a steamy, downtempo, synthwave-triphop hybrid featuring lush synths and alluring vocals. This single is very special to me, as it marks my first release that isn't attached to a game, film, trailer, or in collaboration with anyone else. It's the first all-me from start to finish piece. Fully composed, recorded, and produced by yours truly. "Thief" was inspired by a smoky, noir, neon-tinged cyberpunk world, and a woman dreaming of a dark fantasy with a dangerous and handsome stranger.

Listen to “Thief” right now and stream it on Bandcamp as well. Also, be sure to connect with Megan on her website and social media. Last but definitely not least, check out our exclusive interview with Megan HERE.

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