Song of the Day: "Chimera (Steve Kroeger Remix)" by Electro-Pop Artist Chersea

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Electro-pop sensation, Chersea, uses her own personal hardship to melt you into an experiential production that allows you to connect with yourself and your neighbours. Her debut release "In Limbo" has been revered by critics and playlist curators, coining her as one of Canada’s alluring pop artists. Now she is set to release the remix of her emotionally driven single “Chimera”.

Originally a song about a close friend who fell into drug addiction, Chersea shares her experience on a growing problem. “After watching the downward spiral of a very close friend who hit rock bottom with their addiction,” says Chersea “I felt I needed to find a way to get out my frustrations; my hurt, my anger, and immense sadness for what the disease had caused. So I needed something fanciful to illustrate the situation. In this song, I’ve found my own way to reinvent the Chimera. The Chimera is the symbolism of the disease of addiction. It’s a fire-breathing beast that descends upon people and destroys them, but its inescapable wrath is what you fall in love with.

To support the passion heard in Chimera, Chersea teamed up Steve Kroeger one of EDM’s finest to produce the invigorating remix. Kroeger’s originals and clever remixes have been placed on WWE Countdown, The Young and The Restless, Pawn Stars and the Real Housewives of Miami, to name a few. Even Spotify has even recognized his influence on the EDM world and featured him on the thumbnail of their notorious Bangers playlist.

Chersea is a one-of-a-kind expressionist inspired electro-pop artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. She has shared the stage with the likes of Reggie Watts, Brian Wilson, Rich Aucoin, Allen Stone, and MOBY.

Listen to Chersea’s latest release “Chimera (Steve Kroeger Remix)” right now and watch the lyric video below. Also, stream the song on your favorite streaming platform and connect with Chersea on her website and social media.

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