10 Songs You May Not Have Heard in 2017 (That You Really Should)

Close Encounters.jpg

The ten songs below are not only some of my favorites released in 2017, they are also tracks that I think should have gotten much more attention. Give each a spin to take a trip through some of 2017’s best.

1. “too bad” by dollys

“too bad” is the great intro track to dolly’s final album, “tense,” released in July 2017. It’s also too bad it was their last album, because it’s a great one. 

2. “Plimsoll Punks” by Alvvays

Alvvays got its fair share of attention in 2017, but it was tracks like “In Undertow” and “Dreams Tonite,” with their official video releases, that were the face of the album. “Plimsoll Punks” and “Not My Baby” might be the best on the album (though it’s a great release from beginning to end).

3. “Close Encounters” by C.R. and the Degenerates

This track would have been a perfect inclusion in Twin Peaks: The Return, and it’s a bit of a different sound for C.R. and the Degenerates. Thankfully, it works, creating a moody, introspective, dreamy song you won’t forget.

4. “Pls” by Flower Crown

If Slowdive’s self-titled 2017 release wasn’t enough shoegaze for you, then dive into Flower Crown.

5. “Global Warming” by Binary Star

Reminiscent of “Mathematics” by Mos Def, both with an immediately engaging beat and with the weight of each verse.

6. “Expect The Bayonet” by Sheer Mag

With a bass line as catchy as any classic Motown tune, but mixed with some grit and a punk ethos, “Expect The Bayonet,” is well worth repeated listening.

7. “Learning Curve” by Make-Overs

South Africa’s Make-Overs bring us fuzzy, noisy, pure garage goodness with “Learning Curve.” From beginning to end it sounds as if the track is about to burst apart, but it just barrels forward with a track that must be even better live than it is on record.

8. “I Was A Fool” by Sunflower Bean

Another great female/male vocal trade-off from Sunflower Bean, driven forward by a bass line that keeps you bouncing from beginning to end. 

9. “Couch Surfin USA” by YJY

Technically this track was released in 2015, but the updated version was also released on YJY’s first (and sadly last) full-length album in 2017. There’s a reason they included it on both their debut 2015 EP and their final full-length—it’s great.

10. “Daisy” by Wavves

This is a new sound from Wavves, with some strange, but awesome samples included alongside their beachy, California punk ethos.