Interview: Alternative Rock Artist WRENN

WRENN is an alt-rock artist and a self-proclaimed “sad girl” who uses music as a means of communicating her feelings to the world. Mixing soulful, thoughtful lyrical content with 90’s-esque grunge instrumentation, the essence of WRENN’s music is both reminiscent of the past and a portal into the near future. The 20-year-old Los Angeles native has been featured on American Idol and The Voice, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (where she performed with fellow singer Rachel Platten). WRENN is currently on her first nationwide tour – performing as a supporting act for headliner, American rocker and viral music star, Gnash. 

We connected with WRENN for this exclusive interview to get some insider information about her latest single 'I'm Tired of Being Alone', find out which artists have influenced her as a musician, as well as what we can expect from her upcoming EP "Without Reason". After reading this Q&A be sure to check out WRENN's upcoming tour dates with Gnash and get your tickets now!

Tell us about your latest single "I'm Tired of Being Alone". Is this song based on a personal experience?

It is and it isn't. My emotions get the best of me most of the time, and tend to overexagerate the intensity of a situation. Someone who was a part of my project left over really superficial reasons, and I honestly just got overwhelmed. Most of the creative process that take place in the “WRENN” project I’ve done pretty much on my own, and it just got to a point where I really wanted to share both the excitement and burden of this with someone else. I wrote the whole song in a night. 

Being only 20 years old and going on a nationwide tour with Gnash has got to be an amazing such a gratifying experience. What are you most excited about in regards to the tour?  And what do you hope to learn on the road?

We’re actually right in the middle of it right now. I’m actually writing this from the tour bus while we’re stopped in Nashville, TN. It’s been really gratifying so far, I’ve really never played shows to so many people who know my music. There got to be a point the other night where I stopped singing but the crowd kept going and it really gave me a moment of realizing why I do this. Even more so, I get to go and hang out with my friends after the shows. That's the thing, we’re all really actually friends. I honestly started crying in Dallas watching Gnash because I was just overwhelmed with how proud I am for everyone. I know that a bit all over the place, but hat’s what I hope to keep learning on tour. It’s a sprawling concept that keeps changing. 

Every artist has the own story about how they initially became interested in music. What motivated you to become an artist and who has influenced you musically? 

Honestly, I don’t really think there was one thing that ever pushed me to do music. I’ve been writing music for as long as I can remember. To me it has always been a normal, everyday part of life. If I were to delve deeper into it I would say it’s always been my way to cope with life. I identify and have been influenced by artist’s that share that same mentality; Keaton Henson, Kurt Cobain, Patty Smith, Courtney Barnett, and Anaiis Mitchell, to name a few. 

What can we expect from your upcoming debut EP "Without Reason", due for release in early 2017? 

In simplest terms, music that explores emotion that's normally not discussed. 

Are you writing and recording songs for the EP while you are on the road?

I actually finished all of the initial songs before I left. I’ve been working on new one since being on the road though and have a feeling I’ll end up on the EP very soon. 

Do you have a favorite song to perform live? If so, why?

“I’m Tired Of Being Alone” is definitely my favorite to do live. It’s just me & my drummer who play it and it’s super raw and emotional and there’s so many great parts to it both instrumentally, and vocally. 

Five years from now, where do you plan to be with your musical career?


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