Review: Don Neil's "I'm Weak" Single

The twinkling production that opens Maryland's Don Neil's new track has a fast and poppy intro before getting cut by a hard 'skrrt". The softer, star-lit production style merges with Don's soulful crooning that's almost reminiscent of an old school Usher, and he pinpoints the sing-song-rap style with effortless ease. Producer Lewis Cullen provides some bright contrast to Don's style - with a light and buoyant beat reminiscent of Chance The Rapper to carry his contagious flow, I feel less annoying inspiration by contemporary mainstream artists with a similar and repetitive sound, like Tory Lanez and Drake. 

Baltimore's Don Neil merges a catchy mainstream sound with a unique beat that still sounds a little indie. He's fluid in both his rapping and his singing (a feat that many artists attempt, and rarely succeed at without sounding corny). Compared to the other tracks on his Soundcloud (link), this one is constructed a little more delicately, and more fluid in genre, where his other tracks have a more consistent, hard-hitting sound.

Amongst a new generation of singing rappers and experimental production, Don Neil is a unique and diverse Baltimore force to be reckoned with - brew your morning coffee to it, play it at your next intimate gathering, or use it as a turn-up anthem. Either way, "I'm Weak" should be the soundtrack.

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